What are the ‘highlights’ of your races?

RRRICK will try to keep this short and to the main points, and and prayerfully not offend and upset anyone. But, at the same time, I pray that I will encourage Christian runners, and those who do not consider themselves to be a Christians, to look at their races differently.
Are there runners who will remember you for encouraging them as they ran the miles; will some have been prayed for; and will there be some who will hear your testimony and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven? Were you ready to give the same efforts as you put forth to run and get to the finish line as you did before, during and after the race being an ‘ambassador’ for our Lord ( 2 Cor. 5:20)? Will you leave the race with more than a finisher’s metal and another race completed? (more…)

Adding Up Your Numbers

IT FIGURESnumber can be misleading. That’s no joke! Your GPS tells you one time and the clock at the finish line states another fact which you have to live with. Your body cries out one story and the pace may just state another. You train hard, help site sign up and pay for an upcoming race and even with the seemingly endless number of training miles your efforts fail after you cross the start line with not a PR but a ‘DNF”. (more…)

Because I Think I Can

     The title for this blog entry is taken from a book that a friend of mine (Davey Green, patient from Launceston, clinic Conwell England) wrote. I got to know him by way of being requested to be on his Facebook page after two of his friends met me at the Graveyard 100 race. I gave them both a signed copy of my book and one for them to pass on to Davey. The friendship that was birthed continues. We will be doing our first race together in February (2014) in Texas (Cowtown Ultra marathon). (more…)

Prayerful Thoughts for the Long Run

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It was another Sunday morning like many others. Our pastor was greeting us in his special loving way to help us feel at ease before he began his sermon. With pen in hand, my notepad ready, along with my Bible, and prayed up for our Lord to speak through him, I sat alert and hungry for the Word to be opened.
     Turning to Psalm 46, as requested, I wondered what we would be drawing from within this psalm. I was familiar with the first verse: “God is our refuge and strength, an even-present help in trouble.”  I had no idea that within the period of time of this message I would be able to draw strength and courage for the upcoming 100 mile race (The Graveyard 100) that I was concerned about doing. It will to be my first of that distance and one of extra importance: money to be raised to help people in remote villages’ access clean water, for free, in Africa. (more…)

Never Use the Word ‘Awesome’

A number of years ago when my four sons were teenagers, for sale the family took an unexpected trip from our home in the Boston, MA area to Pittsburg, PA.  It came about because my son Jason (a die hard Braves baseball fan) found tickets for the 7th game in the playoffs. I promised that if he got the tickets, I would drive.  The promise was kept and this unexpected adventure became part of our family store of memories. I will cut right to one of the ‘highlights of the story’ and be as brief as I can without leaving out the important facts. Our Volkswagen van was old and had already transported us to a few other ballparks in a very short period of time (two in Canada!). However, this trip would find us on the side of the road with a broken tie rod – in the middle of the night miles away from any city! (more…)

The Runner’s Mile

As I laced up my shoes
For my morning run,
I suddenly felt His presence
Envelope me…
Something like the sun.

Hi God, I know it’s been a while…
“Hey friend, I know you’ve been busy.
Can I join you for a mile!”

We set off down the track.
Talked about this, talked about that,
After a while, as I picked up my pace,
I felt that he was hanging back.

“Hey God, you mind if I run ahead?”
I wanted to maintain my P.R-
For me it’s better your best,
Or just stay in bed.

He said ‘go ahead – hope you don’t mind, But I lightened up your load,”
And as I looked back, he was picking up my sins, troubles, and burdens
From the road.

I was so touched
That I began to cry
I felt HIS warm embrace
And all the fear in me died.

‘You keep running
I’ll take care of you
And remember in all things…
To thine own self be true.’

Now I always run with HIM
And through thick and thin
He always carries my load
And I always win!



Picture an Oreo cookie. I am sure that it will be easy to do and even cause most of you to desire to have one – and to add to the pleasure – a glass of milk or maybe a cup of coffee! Now hold on to that picture in your heart’s mind as I share with you two courses (running and spiritual) of thoughts. (more…)


“Lord, salve I want to do more with my life serving You. Sharing about the joy of being a Christian and the need to be born again to runners that I get a chance to meet at races is no longer enough. Writing about it in articles, salve e-mails, on Facebook and in my last book still leaves me wanting to do more. I am not satisfied where I am spiritually. I need a challenge to grow as a Christian. Bottom line Lord – I want to do more for You.” (more…)