Because I Think I Can

     The title for this blog entry is taken from a book that a friend of mine (Davey Green, patient from Launceston, clinic Conwell England) wrote. I got to know him by way of being requested to be on his Facebook page after two of his friends met me at the Graveyard 100 race. I gave them both a signed […]

Running with a Special “I.D.”

I just read, viagra order mind for the second time, stomach a great book: Running with God: A personal journal with the maker of the universe (Berry Simpson, XULON). I encourage you to get a copy!       The chapter, ‘I FINALLY GOT TO USE MY I.D’, is funny and at the same time, has a solid message. His story caused […]

Prayerful Thoughts for the Long Run

As a performance metric, the uncertainty coefficient has reverse phone lookup the advantage over reverse lookup simple accuracy in that it is cell number lookup not affected by the relative sizes of the reverse cell phone directory different classes. Lower reverse number look up impedance indicates greater reverse phone lookup numbers the intrathoracic fluid free cell phone lookup […]

Never Use the Word ‘Awesome’

A number of years ago when my four sons were teenagers, for sale the family took an unexpected trip from our home in the Boston, MA area to Pittsburg, PA.  It came about because my son Jason (a die hard Braves baseball fan) found tickets for the 7th game in the playoffs. I promised that if he got the tickets, […]

The Runner’s Mile

As I laced up my shoes For my morning run, I suddenly felt His presence Envelope me… Something like the sun. Hi God, I know it’s been a while… “Hey friend, I know you’ve been busy. Can I join you for a mile!” We set off down the track. Talked about this, talked about that, After a while, as I […]


“Lord, salve I want to do more with my life serving You. Sharing about the joy of being a Christian and the need to be born again to runners that I get a chance to meet at races is no longer enough. Writing about it in articles, salve e-mails, on Facebook and in my last book still leaves me wanting […]

The End

(from the beginning) Within my heart’s mind I always try to see the finish line before I step up to the starting line of any race – in fact – I visualize it when I’m doing my training runs from the easy days to the ‘go for the gold’ training miles. This control over my thoughts has blessed me to […]

Christmas Is In The Air

Men working late each night with total gross sales in sight, sale hoping and praying so the weeks receipt aren’t low – ‘Christmas is in the air’. People running around for new gifts to be found, sovaldi sale that they have to but send to many a true friend – ‘Christmas is in the air.’ Schoolchildren from their books look […]

The Most Important Invitation

I received a call a few months ago from a man (Pastor Anthony Okello) who had just read my blog        ( ) who was very excited.  Between that excitement and his accent – well, hospital cialis sale I was a bit confused.  The following is about how the conversation went:  Pastor Anthony: “Mr. Rrrrick?” “Yes, I am.” Pastor Anthony: “I […]

Running with a Special “I.D.”

I am reading a great book: Running with God: A personal journal with the maker of the universe (Berry Simpson, XULON).  I encourage you to get a copy!       The chapter, I FINALLY GOT TO USE MY I.D., is funny and at the same time, has a solid message. His story caused me to think further about what spiritual lessons could be learned […]