What are the ‘highlights’ of your races?

RRRICK will try to keep this short and to the main points, and and prayerfully not offend and upset anyone. But, at the same time, I pray that I will encourage Christian runners, and those who do not consider themselves to be a Christians, to look at their races differently. Are there runners who will remember you for encouraging them […]

Adding Up Your Numbers

IT FIGURES – number can be misleading. That’s no joke! Your GPS tells you one time and the clock at the finish line states another fact which you have to live with. Your body cries out one story and the pace may just state another. You train hard, help site sign up and pay for an upcoming race and even […]


Picture an Oreo cookie. I am sure that it will be easy to do and even cause most of you to desire to have one – and to add to the pleasure – a glass of milk or maybe a cup of coffee! Now hold on to that picture in your heart’s mind as I share with you two courses […]

The Visitor

As I was doing my daily miles along the local Walden Lakes trail ( neat place! A pleasant two mile paved loop with just enough inclines to add a little extra effort, that has many trees for shade and the trail wines along Walden Lake and beautiful homes now and then) I ‘ran into’ someone from my past. This person […]


Shadows could not conceal them; the crude metal huts only separated them; the piles of seemingly endless waste and garbage with countless flies everywhere leading to and from it did not stop their beauty; and the numerous adults rushing to or just sitting lifelessly still on the sides of the dirt road just blended in to this heart warming message […]

Today’s Three Finish Lines

Today I was a part of three finish lines – all different but started at the same start line.        I took part in the local FLORIDA CHALLENGE HALF TRAIL MARATHON.  For the fist few miles my close friend, there case Joe Lundquist, viagra set the pace at about 9:45. A little faster than I wanted to go since […]

Not Just A Bucket List

(XTERRRA WILDHORSE TRAIL HALF MARATHON)         It was only a few hours after I was back home from running what I thought was going to be just a trail half marathon – I could have not been more wrong. In fact, I was not so incorrect about any race that I have ever done. To add depth to that […]

Chapter 17: Shadow Running

I am sure that most of you folks have heard or read about ‘shadow boxing’. No doubt, purchase the question you are asking is: “What in the world is Rrrick talking about now and what does that have to do with running? I will be glad to explain. First let’s look at the definition of the word ‘shadow’: a figure […]