Today’s Three Finish Lines

Today I was a part of three finish lines – all different but started at the same start line.
     I took part in the local FLORIDA CHALLENGE HALF TRAIL MARATHON.  For the fist few miles my close friend, there case Joe Lundquist, viagra set the pace at about 9:45. A little faster than I wanted to go since I had  done a 66 mile birthday run just two weeks ago – but the Christian fellowship of prayer and praise allowed me to feel as young as his is!
     It was tough to stay together because of the large number of runners who where fast, mind young and weaved between up whenever they saw a spot on the trail to do so…. I was right behind him until about mile five when the space between us was then filled with other runners. I would not see him until I crossed the finish line of this tough course of a trail race – but I am getting ahead of myself with this story.
     Not soon after I lost sight of Joe I fell. I was able to quickly get up but down long enough to have a number  of runners speed past me and  clearly voided the chance of catching up to Joe at all.
      After just a few yards I noticed a runner coming at me! Yes – I had missed a turn and was going the wrong way.  With a turn around and some distance quickly covered I saw a man who I had passed about fifteen minutes ago going the other way on the opposite side of the orange tape (under it and back on course again).
    While trying to make up the lost time I had only covered about a mile when – FLOP! I was down, my leg looked strangely bent – and my knee was bleeding heavily. And the short of it: with the help of a few runners I was up – happy noting it was not broken and was limping my way forward!
    But soon was on the ground again. Another stump – hit the already injured right knee… Up and praying for better eyesight of those darn roots!
    I was able, by the grace of our Lord, to pick up speed and during the last half mile happily sprint to the finish line. I was relieved to be finished but was suddenly aware of just how very sore my knee was.    With the help of the forest rangers the laceration was cleaned and bandaged up but told to be sure to go to the local Walk In Clinic (it was about twenty miles away near our apartment).
Now I was at the second finish line. Within about an hour I was taken care of and left with five stitches on the top section of the knee cap area. The doctor told me to come back in two days and to be sure not to bend the knee for two weeks (there went my 5k and marathon).
What was the third finish line you may be asking? I was, within all of this excitement, able to pass out a few of my running ministry cards, share about my TEAM 413 running shirt, and share about my book – HEADING TOWARD THE FINAL FINISH LINE.
As my shirt reads: one more breath, one more step, one more mile – finish line! In this case today – One trail half marathon equaled three finish lines as a part of my day with other runners.
Yes – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13