Running with a Special “I.D.”

I am reading a great book: Running with God: A personal journal with the maker of the universe (Berry Simpson, XULON).  I encourage you to get a copy!

      The chapter, I FINALLY GOT TO USE MY I.D., is funny and at the same time, has a solid message. His story caused me to think further about what spiritual lessons could be learned from his story.

      Before I get into what I came up with I should explain (to you who do not know what ID Berry was talking about…* Road ID® USA’s #1 Source for Runners ID, Cycling ID…
Road ID provides premier line of identification tags that includes runner id, jogger id, cyclist id, medical id, bicycling id, emergency medical id bracelet and more.
The price is well worth the item! It is light in weight and looks good as well!
     Ok – back to what I thought about after reading that chapter.
      I visualized me needing such information if I was to get hurt running. Not so much as at a local or even a marathon (or Ultra) here in the great ‘U.S. of A.’ – but when I go to Kenya in October. This mission trip will not only bless me to be able to preach at the crusade, but also at a prison, orphanage, and a number of local town churches and local assembles. AND! I will be running a marathon (26.2 for Jesus) with the Kenyans! How neat is that! AND! The running shirts will have a picture of me from my book (HEADING TOWARD THE FINAL FINISH LINE). ONLY God could do such a mission trip like this for me!
      What if I get hurt while separated from the group?  This information in the form of an I.D. tag would be very helpful!

NOW I want you to know of a more important thought that came to my heart’s mind… It was a memory of a conversation that I had with Pastor Anthony Okello * He had read my blog – called me from Nairobi, Kenya – and shared that our Lord spoke to him about how to reach the local Kenyans’ with the Good News. This would be done with a RUNNING MESSAGE! How perfect is that! ~~ That important thought was this: I had to correct Pastor Anthony about calling me a ‘pastor’. He asked -“What will I call you? What will I have written on the posters about you?”
      My answer is the same one YOU can use as you witness at a local race, or anywhere you share the Good News – when you give a testimony of how being Born Again changed your life!
       I told him (a bit in jest) to introduce me as The Ambassador of the King of Kings! * “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as if God was making His appeal through us.” (NIV).. “We are Christ’s ambassadors. God is using us to speak to you: we beg you, as though Christ himself were here pleading with you, receives the love he offers you – be reconciled to God. (LBV) – 2 Corinthians 5:20)


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