The End

(from the beginning)
Within my heart’s mind I always try to see the finish line before I step up to the starting line of any race – in fact – I visualize it when I’m doing my training runs from the easy days to the ‘go for the gold’ training miles.
This control over my thoughts has blessed me to train better in body, seek mind and spirit, as well as being able to give my best during the past years of being a part of this great sport of running. The sport has been kind to me being able (as of this date) to have logged in over 24,000 miles since I first started doing so with the Salisbury Rowan Runners Club in 2001. That period of time, for those reading who may not know, was filled with many races from 5ks to marathons (66 so far) and three ultras. I am also blessed to have been able to run (and share the GOOD NEWS) in every state (and in DC) at least once! Yes, at 67 I can enjoy my memories and continue to add more of them!

BUT – that word that shouts out that a shoe, (or in this case), a sneaker is about to fall on the floor of conversation. This article is about what you can do, and need to remember as you do your miles in this life. I pray you will all have your sneakers feel a bit lighter, legs stronger, and have better spiritual eyesight during this short jog in words.

     As always when I share with you I try to impart some spiritual lesson that will help you be better able to continue to press forward towards that ‘Heaven final finish line’. Whether you are a Born Again Christian, think you are a Christian, maybe even backslidden (sadly been there -ouch), consider yourself ‘religious’ or just do not care about ‘such things’. ~ For all of you I believe I have words that will help you stay on the course, get back on – or join in and be a part of this course towards the heavenly finish line.

A word of caution: there will be a final finish line at the end of your scheduled days here on earth. I pray that many of you will have your miles result in the ‘Heavenly’   finish line. That wonderful line that separates this physical life into a promised blessed eternal one – the place where everything began.

      Things that Pastor T.D. Jakes wrote about this subject in his wonderful book – ‘WHY?’ made an impression upon my thinking. I clearly saw that I could share his thoughts and tie it in with running.

Pastor T.D. Jakes shared this though and scripture: God says, “I establish purpose and then build procedure.”

          “…I am God and there is none like me. I make known the end from the Beginning, from ancient times what is still to come. I say: My purpose                    will stand, and I will do all that I please” (Isaiah 46:9b-10 NIV).

     Further in this chapter he writes *(this should encourage the Christians and everyone else should see the powerful truth Scriptures’ share with all who read it!): “….He has set your end from the beginning. While you’re struggling, groping and growing, trying to get it together, and wondering whether you will make it, God knows you’re going to make it, because He has already set your end!”

     We viewed a great movie last night that you will also enjoy. The movie     (FOREVER STRONG) is about how the sport of Ruby can change not only those who play the sport but also the many people who know the players. This is a quote that I will remember more than any other one in that movie:
Coach Larry Gelwix: “Good decisions don’t make life easy, but they do make it easier.”
     As a Christian I fully understand that. The correct decisions will result with not only reading God’s Word in the Bible, but applying the scriptural truths to all that you do.
     As you train, run in any race do your best as an ‘ambassador for Jesus Christ’ (2 Corinthians. 5:20). Live fully each day – enjoy every mile that you are blessed to be able to run. Show openly the ‘joy of the Lord’!
             “The joy of the Lord is your strength.”(Nehemiah 8:10.)

     On my TEAM 4:13 running shirt this quote is one you also need to remember: ONE MORE BREATH, ONE MORE STEP, ONE MORE MILE, FINISH LINE. This is the scripture on the back of that same shirt: “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. “(Philippians 4:13).

     Visualize that 5k or any other race finish line as one that you are heading towards and your daily Christian race with the same energy and dedication! Make every step count as a positive one forward.

THE END from the beginning.  Think about it!

Rrrick Karampatsos