Picture an Oreo cookie. I am sure that it will be easy to do and even cause most of you to desire to have one – and to add to the pleasure – a glass of milk or maybe a cup of coffee! Now hold on to that picture in your heart’s mind as I share with you two courses (running and spiritual) of thoughts.
     I will assume that you are already a runner.It will not matter if you combine walking and jogging –to me if you go faster during a workout than an easy ‘walking in the mall’ pace you are apart of this wonderful sport of running!
     The birth of your desire may have started while you were still a child and maybe during your teenage years. In time you probably realized that you needed some basic help and received it with the observation of runners in school, ampoule reading such good magazines (such as Runner’s World©) and books written by runners who are gifted to be able to share their secrets of running well.
NOW: think again about that Oreo cookie. The two pieces of it are equally important. Without them you would have no cookie. Without them you would not have the wonderful pleasure of that sweet taste filling!
      As in the sport of running you need more than just a desire. It has to also have mixed into it an effort to be a part of the sport.
     You also need to know more than how to put one foot in front of the other. Sure, hospital that will work for a while, but you’ll be thinking “Just how much do I want to run?”
     Our cookie needs a solid structure – same as with running. With that substance you will be able to hold onto the fulfilling joy of the sport! You’ll be ‘pressing forward’ thinking about the possibility of ‘double stuffing’!

Here are some facts that I learned about some of the history of the Oreo cookie.
     “…Oreo observers have spent as much time decoding the designs as they have
    speculating on the identity of the designer.
          The circle topped with a two-bar cross in which ‘O’ resides is a variant of the
     Nabisco logo, and is either ‘an early European Symbol for quality, or a Cross of
     Lorraine, as carried by the Knights Templar into the crusades.
          Three design styles have made their mark on cookie history since 1912.”
                                       *Nicola Twilley / Edible Geography

     “Still others believe the name is a combination of taking the ‘re’from ‘cream’
     And placing it between the two o’s in chocolate- making it ‘o-re-o’”
                *Jennifer Rosenberg / 20th Century History
I Cannot quote the chapter and verse often from the Bible. Evangelist Marvin Booth (Going Public Ministries Inc.) can and does often while preaching. Pastor Steven Stewart (New Hope Worship Center / Plant City, FL) has the gift to be able to give story insights to help folks clearly picture what he is, teachingor preaching on. He draws you quickly into his love for Jesus and for the Bible. Both men can make time pass quickly with their gifts. Jesus is always the center of their message.
     I can ‘hold my own’ with notes in front of me as I speak. My homework of searching for a scripture is always done, and on my notes areready to use. And, like Pastor Steven Stuart, I am able to draw ‘pictures in words’ to help make my message clear – BUT not with his very effective style.
     The ‘ingredients’ to a good preacher/ teacher needs all of the above. But knowing the ingredients of an item does not always prove to produce the finish product. Often I proved this to be true when I bake something!
     With the above facts about these men of God that I do lack in their ministry I do have the most important part – the center filling – Jesus in my life also. With Him within me I can (and you can) be blessed and a blessing to all who will hold on to what you share.
 Oreo cookies in a package are like Christians in a church. Like the Oreo cookies they need to be out of the church (package) to effectively be a blessing to others. The ‘world’ needs to be able to see, touch and taste what we have as Christians. Evangelist Tina Blount does a great job of using the symbolism of Oreo cookies in her book: Warning to the Seven Churches©. You should check out that book!
     Reading the ingredients on a package will be informative but not as good as eating the product!Just like readingyour Bible is a good start on your Christian course – but until you partake of Jesus – and invite Him into your life as your Lord and Savior, you are like the person only looking at the package.
        Now go and enjoy more fully this sport of running and eating Oreos!

-Rrrick Karampatsos