The Runner’s Mile

As I laced up my shoes
For my morning run,
I suddenly felt His presence
Envelope me…
Something like the sun.

Hi God, I know it’s been a while…
“Hey friend, I know you’ve been busy.
Can I join you for a mile!”

We set off down the track.
Talked about this, talked about that,
After a while, as I picked up my pace,
I felt that he was hanging back.

“Hey God, you mind if I run ahead?”
I wanted to maintain my P.R-
For me it’s better your best,
Or just stay in bed.

He said ‘go ahead – hope you don’t mind, But I lightened up your load,”
And as I looked back, he was picking up my sins, troubles, and burdens
From the road.

I was so touched
That I began to cry
I felt HIS warm embrace
And all the fear in me died.

‘You keep running
I’ll take care of you
And remember in all things…
To thine own self be true.’

Now I always run with HIM
And through thick and thin
He always carries my load
And I always win!