What are the ‘highlights’ of your races?

RRRICK will try to keep this short and to the main points, and and prayerfully not offend and upset anyone. But, at the same time, I pray that I will encourage Christian runners, and those who do not consider themselves to be a Christians, to look at their races differently.
Are there runners who will remember you for encouraging them as they ran the miles; will some have been prayed for; and will there be some who will hear your testimony and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven? Were you ready to give the same efforts as you put forth to run and get to the finish line as you did before, during and after the race being an ‘ambassador’ for our Lord ( 2 Cor. 5:20)? Will you leave the race with more than a finisher’s metal and another race completed?
But I ask: was it really completed in the eyes of your Lord? Will others, at least one runner or worker there be drawn closer to that ‘final finish line in Heaven’? Would you have missed the opportunity to help at least one person see and know the Jesus Who saved you from the penalty of your past unforgivien sins! Did someone leave with the pleasure of the race, a medal, and time with their friends without knowing that they were on a course in life that did not lead into eternity with Jesus?
I plea with you, my Christian brothers and sisters, to use your races as a mission field. Have your log books log more than miles run, races done, and your pace and time. Be able to add such comments such as: “I shared how Jesus changed my life!”; “I prayed with one of my church friends who was hurting during the race”; “While I was praising the Lord a person asked me why I was so happy and could sing while running”.
In conclusion I will ask you who do not claim to be Christians to look around as you are at a race and to please be sensitive if someone shares their faith. This could be the race that you will never forget for all of eternity!