Chapter 17: Shadow Running

I am sure that most of you folks have heard or read about ‘shadow boxing’. No doubt, purchase the question you are asking is: “What in the world is Rrrick talking about now and what does that have to do with running? I will be glad to explain.
First let’s look at the definition of the word ‘shadow’: a figure projected by the interception of light; shade; an inseparable companion; an imperfect representation; to represent faintly; to follow closely…This should work nicely to get me were I want to go with my course on ‘Shadow Running’. And remember, remedy years from now runners will recall that they first read about it here long before it became popular worldwide!

I have to admit it has a few drawbacks. At night unless you are near good streetlights it does not work well at all. In fact, no rx there is a side effect to it. And, it is evil! I will not scare you off with that now or you will not read on

When I run, I have a lot of fun and I never feel as though I am alone. In fact, I often run with a friend. I enjoy this guy a lot. He is very quiet which allows me to do ‘all of the talking’; a lot of runners just can’t seem to talk while running – I just do not understand that.  Anyway, we worked out a new form of working out:  Shadow Running. It is very basic.  In the next paragraph you will read, understand and be able to go out and try it yourself.

Why the name? Oh? Did I forget to tell you? My friend is my shadow.  If you want, go back and read the definition again. I will wait (you back? good!). Well, where was I. Oh, about my friend, I try to not let him pass me.  Sometimes he stretches out real wide like a fool and loses a lot of time but I quickly make a turn and he is put back in his place. Sometime I look over my shoulder and he somehow ‘drafts off me’ and that bugs me a bit, but as a Christian I need to just let it go. After all, he is a part of me in a way.

Oh, I almost forgot. Do you remember that scary part that I warned you about?    Please be very careful when you run at night. That friend of mine has friends who will run with you also. They are not always nice. They will jump out of nowhere and scare the living daylight out of you! You will trip over your feet, or if I may use the expression, ‘Trip over your own shadow’. Mr. Shadow will pull out ahead of you and you will come to a sudden stop and feel like a fool. I have. Once during a late night run in a quiet area of town it happened and I aged a number of years! My hair is grey enough already and as far as adding years –I’ll not go there!

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Shadow running –are you brave enough to try it?