Forgiveness: Going the Extra Mile (Book Excerpt)

Forgiveness – we all have to deal with it during our lifetime. From the lips of lovers, treatment rx friends and married couples we hear — “I’m sorry, link please forgive me”. It is not just a ‘Christian’ teaching although I believe most of us have learned about it through church teachings. Mr. Webster states, in part: “…signifies toward or back…give…to treat as not guilty.”  Sometimes we need to take one step back in order to be able to move forward. In another dictionary the word, ‘forgive’ has this: “To excuse for a fault or offense. To stop feeling anger for or resentment against.” Enough of the quick English lesson and on to the ‘running lesson’! (more…)

That Hill (Book Excerpt)

I am not surprised at how I feel or how the people are reacting to me today. For a long time, look in fact as long as I can remember, I knew about ‘that hill’ – and how difficult it would be to get up it. Well, today I am ascending it and even with no surprises, I feel almost defeated and unprepared. I have never been part of a finish like this. Not to sound like I am complaining, but really, the hill is tough enough – it is added cruelty to have to finish at the top of it. But I must continue forward. (more…)

A JOGGERS PRAYER by Hayden Gilmore

Step after step and into the miles
Let me run, no rx pharmacy O Lord, seek with you.
Each pace is a possible fall
As I lean forward on air.
Faith in my feet, and there is no fall.
Onward I go.
Over the miles and across the years,
Let me run into You, O Lord.
Each footfall in Christ Jesus alone,
As I stretch to the road.
Faith in my Lord. And there is no fall.
Onward I go.


Exceprt from JOG FOR YOUR LIFE
 Zondervan Corporation ©1974


Softly I Yelled (Within the Shadow of the Cross) ©1976

           Rrrick Karampatsos


A cold blizzard in New England;

Mother Nature in gown of snow.

Her newest gown  spread over us, ailment salve

   while music of hard blizzard winds blow.


At first, rx for sale eyes light up to the sky;

Cleanliness is felt inside.

But all so soon the fresh feeling

  Is turned spoiled and set aside.


The snow for others in stuck cars

alone the highway of the state

was cold, doctor dirty and all so cruel.

   They felt no warmth; just cold hate.


But as I was among the others

Of paralyzed traffic and man;

   The burden of it all was light-

    I had the warmth of a hand.

Others felt the hardness of it all;

The snow and the wind that did blow.

   To me this was ‘White Heaven’-

     with my Lord Jesus Christ,

     I felt the warmth of snow

Chapter 17: Shadow Running

I am sure that most of you folks have heard or read about ‘shadow boxing’. No doubt, purchase the question you are asking is: “What in the world is Rrrick talking about now and what does that have to do with running? I will be glad to explain.
First let’s look at the definition of the word ‘shadow’: a figure projected by the interception of light; shade; an inseparable companion; an imperfect representation; to represent faintly; to follow closely…This should work nicely to get me were I want to go with my course on ‘Shadow Running’. And remember, remedy years from now runners will recall that they first read about it here long before it became popular worldwide! (more…)


Life has changed for me since I became so involved with running. There’s the obvious things like needing to schedule my time between work, nurse shopping, church activities, Bible study and prayer time, writing, — but now being married to Donna I want to make sure we have quality time in addition to somehow making time to run, workout at home and at the Y.M.C.A.

Those of us who have seriously taken up this sport with its blend from walking, jogging to running are ‘LQQKING DIFFERENTLY’…I mean by that that I have noticed that my vision – the way I see things like signs, maps and directions now cause my thinking to focus in a different direction. Let me give some examples! (more…)

You Would Not Understand Even If

The truth is solidly this. Even If I shared with you all of the emotional, physical and spiritual details you would not understand. Not because you are a person who has not lived the life that I have; not because we may differ in our spiritual or religious faith – not for a number of other reasons…You stare and wonder – questions are asked about me and why I do what I do. You know that I am in my early sixties, have had more accidents than anyone else you have ever known or read about – these facts alone have you just shake your head and wonder. Yes, wonder for a brief moment if I was maybe a little crazy. But, you admit that I look normal – in fact, in great shape and have achieved things  that none of the people you know have ever come close to…But – the questions remain unanswered  to the point that you really do not understand the core reasons of why and how I can continue doing what I do. (more…)

Running Across America

America looks a lot smaller on the map now. Not too many years ago, buy viagra six years to be exact, I had only been in thirteen of them – all of which lined up on the East Coast. As I look at the map before me, I notice that I could fit most all of the states that I have been in into two or three of the larger ones out west! Because of the marathons that I have run in all of the states (and DC), I think of the word America differently – I also feel an emotion deep within my heart as I read or say, The United States of America. (more…)